Our Story

Matt and Mel’s story begins three years ago. Matt was preparing for the first band practice as the drummer for Melissa Ellis. Two worlds were about to collide, altering their life courses forever. Time stood still as this fiery redhead waltzed into his garage toting two Venti Vanilla Lattes from Starbucks. For Matt, nothing else mattered in that moment as she walked past him with a smile. In a flash, he fumbled his way over to her. With all the muster he could muster, and trying not to screw this up …”Hello.”

The rest of their story is a tension between love and turmoil in this coming of age tale of two star-crossed lovers discovering themselves in the midst of a crazy world.

Three years later, she and her two sons joined Matt on an Easter Egg hunt after church on Easter Sunday. As the boys scoured the trail searching for eggs, Melissa found one of her own.

“What is in this egg?” she asked.
“I don’t know” responded Matt.

With a shrug of her shoulders, she returned the egg to its pocket. Little did she know that a very special surprise awaited her inside.

Two hours later it begins to rain, and Matt is all out of ideas to get Melissa to open that egg.

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