And it begins

After proposing, I spent the rest of the evening with Mel and the boys watching the season finale of our favorite television show. After it ended, we all retired for the night. She had to wake up by 4:30 AM to make it to work on time back in Crossville, TN – a 2 HOUR drive! On her way out of town, she dropped me off at church so I could finish some homework before leaving for Moravian Falls later that morning.

I was gone for a couple of days enjoying some time in the mountains with Kingdom Life Institute students on their year-end retreat. It was such a refreshing time with friends and the Lord. Needless to say, I was kept busy enough to distract me from perhaps the largest life change I had initiated on Sunday. I returned home today (Wednesday), which is the first chance I’ve had to allow everything to sink in.



I NEVER thought this day would come. It is both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

I caught my breath while walking my dog, Sadie. I decided  to call Mel so we could begin forming our game plan for the big day (we are both big planners). We set the date today, and we began the initial projects of wedding invitations (her), and building the website to keep everyone in the loop (me).

I am realizing that this is just the beginning. There is so much to do, and with only three months before the big day I feel like this guy:


Okay…I am done complaining… The website is functional, and I have a list of personal tasks on my calendar. The next major project is building the guest list – I can already tell this is going to be an exciting challenge.

I can’t wait to make that girl my wife in July.

That’s all for tonight, no witty banter or funny stories. Just a simple reflection from the past few days. Make sure you continue following us to hear stories from both Melissa and myself.

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